Thanks To Science Pulp-Art Mockups

As an exercise in combating the Sunday blahs, I thought it would be fun to show these mockups.  I originally had the idea that an album called Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love should have pulp sci-fi artwork.  A designer friend of mine took a few runs at it but ultimately the time and effort (and money) involved would have eclipsed all practicality.  Also, the original masters of that genre (or their publishers) would never have given me permission and the copyright issues would have been a nightmare.

When I came across this excellent posting a few months ago, I was intrigued again.  So I’ve borrowed a few pics and in 15 minutes, slapped a concept together that is both hilarious and horrific.  Here’s hoping I don’t get C&D’d or, worse, get sued.

Above: Original Art by Norman Saunders

Above: Original Art by Virgil Finlay

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