Jonathan Seet wants to break your heart and is trying to ruin you right now as we watch.  He’s not a sociopath. He’s not malicious. In fact, his heart is full of love, most of the time. Like any great songwriter he understands that when the heart breaks it is the process of retrieving and attempting to re-assemble the pieces that helps us become who we are.

It is no wonder then that redemption, re-invention and the the replenishing of innocence are the core themes of a songwriting career that spans three critically-acclaimed albums of what one critic has rightly called “perfectly formed pop symphonies.”

As a Canadian living in the rainy British university town of Oxford, Jonathan struck upon a deep vein of creativity that yielded dozens of songs, a handful of which fit très bien ensemble and are presented here as his new eight-song EP The End Of The Beginning. It would not be out of place on the iplaylist of any fan of artists like Elbow, Bon Iver or Bends-era Radiohead.

He’s now based in Toronto, Canada and has two kids. He works in tech and likes pickling things.