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A Million Hungry Eyes Cover

Here’s a great cover of my song, A Million Hungry Eyes, performed by a’tris (a band I did a little work with a few years ago) and Tiger Darrow. I’m not just saying it because I’m flattered, but I really like the treatment.  The old Reagan film is a perfect touch too.

Killing All My Friends Video

Trains are awesome.   

A Million Hungry Eyes Video

My friend Jim thinks the scantily-clad ladies in the chorus are somewhat distracting.  I tend to agree. 

Queen Ann’s Lace Video

Queen Ann’s Lace is a song I recorded a demo for a while back and never did anything with, as is so often the case. While trolling around the Internet Archive last week I came across a short animation film that caught my eye. It seemed to me that it was a film perfectly suited […]