Arousal Disasters MP3s Now Available

Thanks to an intrepid and curious Bostonian, a quick solution to the absence of digital availability of my last album, Arousal Disasters, has been found. 

Part of the reason its never made it to iTunes or CDBaby is the fact that I ran out of physical copies.  Another reason is I re-mixed and re-mastered it.  Another big part is laziness.

So because she was interested, I checked out PayPal‘s invoicing system and found it works quite well.  The only difference here is that in order to make individual songs available (as on iTunes or Rhapsody) is a lot more work.  So I’ll be implementing an automated storefront system sometime in the next few months. 

In the meantime, if you’re interested in downloading Arousal Disasters, I am making both the original version as well as the 2005 re-mixed/re-mastered version available in high bit-rate MP3s along with the artwork (at some point, I’ll revisit it and make the artwork available in PDF format as well) for the low cost of CDN$10.

Email me if you’re interested at

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