New Album, Free Music

Hi everyone! Planning is in the works for an official CD release for “Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love” in the autumn hopefully but decided that we would make the music available for download right away.

Why give away music? Just because everybody else is doing it? Well, I guess that’s one (pretty weak) reason. However, it makes sense also because Internet filesharing has become so prevalent that eventually the music will get out there anyway. Since we’re sending out pre-release copies to press, labels & radio it’s bound to get leaked at one point or another. And we’re hoping that if you get a free copy (in whatever form) and you like it, you’re going to want to support the project even more and maybe buy it.

So that’s the rationale. If you do like it and want to buy a copy – please do. Check the website for information on how to do that. It won’t be totally ready for purchasing for a few weeks, though (except for, which is already selling it). I’ll let you know when that option becomes available.

I’ll be posting a full new song in 256kbps MP3 format every 2-3 weeks from the upcoming “Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love”. I’ll also be cross-posting to CBC Radio3 ( which will make it available in streaming format. When the tunes are up and ready, I’ll post in on the website and send out a bulletin with a direct link to the song.

I’m also toying with the idea of doing this for the previous album, “Arousal Disasters”, as well. I remixed and remastered this thing a while back (and it sparkles) but it now seems dumb to just hang onto it.

Anyway, thanks as always for your support,

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