Urban Sprawl (Lyric Video)

Here’s a lyric video on YouTube for Urban Sprawl… 

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Video & Photo credits:
https://www.pexels.com/@artyom-saqib-2046359 https://unsplash.com/@brady_bellini
https://www.pexels.com/@kelly-lacy-1179532 https://www.pexels.com/@calito-gonzalez-1949895 https://www.pexels.com/@pixabay

Urban Sprawl

Been working on some new tunes and this one, Urban Sprawl, I’d started when I moved back to Toronto from the UK.  It reflects pretty-well my state of mind at the time — a great deal of change, sadness in missing London and grief just after my father passed but also hope and wanting to be enveloped by my surroundings.

It’s now being pushed out to most Streaming platforms and download from Bandcamp! Also, here’s some single-screen video action on YouTube (I’ll be updating this soon with something more interesting).

Track photo thanks to Brady Bellini on Unsplash

Who Is the Man (Dan Reid Remix)

A few months ago during the COVID-19 pandemic, Dan Reid contacted me again and said he’d done another remix – this time it’s Who Is The Man from The End Of The Beginning EP.  It’s a free download so go grab it.

Watching You Sleep (Dan Reid Remix)

Dan Reid recently did a remix of Watching You Sleep from Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love.  It’s quite a bit heavier and got a lot more swagger than the original.  I like it.  You can download it for free here  (in exchange for your email address for the mailing list).

BBC & Sony Radio Academy Awards

The Listening Project

A project I worked on at the BBC as project manager has been nominated for a 2013 Sony Radio Academy Award in the Best Use Of Multiplatform category!  BBC’s The Listening Project is a social & cultural archive (inspired by Storycorps) in which they collect recorded conversations made and submitted by UK residents.  They’re then selected and broadcast at regional BBC stations around the UK.

The Listening Project shares some technical (and creative) DNA with another BBC project I’ve mentioned before which is close to my heart, BBC Introducing.  The Introducing Uploader was another project I was proud to project manage in 2011 through a platform migration on BBC infrastructure.  BBC Introducing actually won Gold the same Academy Award in 2011.  I wasn’t credited on that one but The Listening Project folks were kind enough to include me in their nomination this year.  Thanks guys & good luck!