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Watching You Sleep (Dan Reid Remix)

Dan Reid recently did a remix of Watching You Sleep from Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love.  It’s quite a bit heavier and got a lot more swagger than the original.  I like it.  You can download it for free here  (in exchange for your email address for the mailing list). Thanks To Science, We’ve Got Love […]

I Will Wait For You: Digital Download Now Available

My cover of I Will Wait For You is now available for download or streaming on Bandcamp!  This version of the theme from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg (Les Parapluies de Cherbourg) was available on the CD pressing but is now available in digital format.

Indoor Voices Remix EP – one by Yours Truly

Indoor Voices has released a new remix EP of songs from the Nevers album. It’s a collection of free tunes that can be downloaded right here at Included is a remix I did of Like Your Own. Other great contributions by James Bunton, Vyxor, Daisyland, White Flashes and Marco Polo! Get it now, cause […]

A Million Hungry Eyes Cover

Here’s a great cover of my song, A Million Hungry Eyes, performed by a’tris (a band I did a little work with a few years ago) and Tiger Darrow. [youtube o0oPegyDT-Y a’tris – A Million Hungry Eyes] I’m not just saying it because I’m flattered, but I really like the treatment.  The old Reagan film […]

Bandcamp Bandwagon

Bandcamp has been making some good headway recently.  One of the nicest things about it is that (currently) all the proceeds go to the artist.  Plus, you can create download and discount codes as well as pay-what-you-want for the material.  They also provide non-DRM high-quality audio files in various formats all at the same price […]